A life long dependable Relationship

Time is of the essence for both the patient and physician. One simple membership fee covers all of your needs and allows us the freedom to give you exactly what you need. There are no copays, deductibles, or extra hidden charges. Your membership provides direct care, long experience, and most importantly our familiarity with your preferences. This is not a concierge practice but a reasonable way to deliver the best care we can provide for the rest of your life.

We are a Direct Primary Care practice. That means we simply charge a monthly membership fee.  No, we are not “going, concierge.” We won’t send you a long Explanation of Benefits after every visit, demand deductible payments & copays. Just one monthly membership fee. 


    Direct Primary Care is a newer way to approach healthcare. It is a membership based on transparency and patient care. Taking out the middleman, DPC gives you direct access to your doctor. Instead of insurance restricting your ability to excellent care, the doctor works alongside but not under insurance. This means the doctor does not submit claims, she works free from the shadow of financial statistical risk analysis guiding what health care is provided.

Membership in our DPC practice:

      This is a healthcare model devoted to providing the best most comprehensive care to patients by an experienced primary care physician who has been in practice in this area for 30 years.

Membership includes

  1.  Same day care, no penalty for canceling appointments last minute
  2.  Unlimited direct email and text contact with the Doctor
  3. Prescriptions filled or refilled
  4. Forms completed and signed, lab requisitions completed with discussion of results in a timely manner.
  5. Three medical visits a year for any reason, including small surgeries or biopsies 
  6.  Newsletter emailed approximately every six months detailing important changes in medical care, interpretation, and recommendations
  7. Referrals to known specialists, who are excellent in their field. (health insurance would cover these visits as it does now)
  8. Discounts on cosmetic procedures including the innovative new Inmode laser that removes fat and tightens the skin (the loosening of aging tissue)
  9. Continuity of care even with a change of employers or insurance
  10. We honestly are concerned about everything going on in your life and want to work with you to help make it the best it can be, medical issues notwithstanding
  11. Appointment scheduling available online

Cost:   monthly, determined by age –

  • 0 – 30              $50 
  • 31 – 45             $75
  • 46 – 60             $100
  • 61+                   $125

There is a one time $75 registration fee.

However, if your finances are such that membership would be a hardship and you would fit with our practice, we can negotiate something that we both can live with.

            Your next step, email klaw1502@yahoo.com or call us (message is fine, we will return your call) if you consider your health an important facet of your life that needs more than the typical insurance based rudimentary care offers. There are a limited number of members, please contact us as soon as possible to check availability.