Specialized personal care through a Direct Primary Care Model.

Our practice is geared toward making all-encompassing medical care simple and easy for you to understand. We implement the latest recommendations for preventive and maintenance care. Our long experience in Arlington allows solid recommendations for specialists, who are of high caliber and can provide expert care for your needs.

As with any service, excellent personalized delivery takes time. All of our time is devoted to providing this for you without interference from a third party requiring superfluous documentation and details. We have the ability to ensure that we understand your concerns and provide the necessary resources to address those issues. To that end, we do not accept payment from health insurance

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for adequate health care. Unfortunately, the insurance driven system in this country is worse than even socialized medicine, as you never know when or what out of pocket costs will be. Surprise, you have to pay for the visit: surprise, your copay went up, surprise: we don’t cover that doctor anymore. This type of poor management won’t happen in our practice. There are NO copays, prescription charges, telephone or email consult charges, and I will always be here for you no matter where or if you work. Since there is no longer insurance requirements to write the note of the evaluation and management of your care in a certain way, the note will reflect your visit much more accurately. Lab results can be emailed to you with a brief explanation and if there is anything concerning an appointment will be offered. There is no fee if you have to cancel your appointment at the last minute – for any reason